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About us

The  company of  Mashhad’s  steel  of  Toos  has started its activity in the field of selling steel segments since 2005. Mashhad’s steel by having a large part of steel market can present a complex of different types of steel pieces with the best quality in services and fair price  from the most authoritative Iranian brands such as Zob Ahan of Esfahan (Iron melting of Esfahan), Foolad of Khorasan (steel of Khorasan), Foolad of Mobarakeh (steel of Mobarakeh) which are  in accordance with international standards.

The words of chief executive officer

One of the most important factors of success in economical businesses is commitment, expertise and respect to the wills of customers.

The  company of  Mashhad ‘s steel  of  Toos  has put  customer’s  satisfaction in a priority of  its programs in order  to  satisfy  quality in services and products. Like this people can have all their required ironware easily via web in online and off line way and there is no worry about the price, originality and timely delivery of goods.


We check the best way according to the will of costumer and we send goods in three ways : rail, land or water


Send type of product, size, the amount of order, country of destination and buyer details in online order registration form or send it to this WhatsApp number: 09153202050

Sell consulters will call you as soon as possible and send pre invoice for you.

From the time of sending pre invoice up to 24 hours it is valid.

After price confirmation and paying the cost which has been specified in the invoice, the product will exactly be delivered in the agreed location.

It should be noted that the volume and amount of goods is effective on the time of delivery that the exact time will be announced by the sales expert to you.

Cash payment is through exchange office, you can also deposit to an account declared in the UAE or Turkey.

The sent load can be tracked till the agreed location of delivering load by costumer from company of Mashhad’s steel of Toos.

In the page of each product technical features are available.

WhatsApp:09153202050… ,

office number:05131670

Mashhad’s steel offers load with quality and originality in the fastest possible time with lowest price.

You can see standard of products in this page

Steel’s of Mashhad web site is an online source for seeking prices which is updating daily by fluctuation of price, that itself is a document for proving honesty and transparency of Mashhad’s steel of  Toos company

Also required technical tables for each product for correct and safe choosing is at your disposal.

Speed in response and committed pursuit of sales experts of Mashhad’s steel is the reason of being the choice of  famous brands and many of large public and private companies.



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